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Suggesting a New Pistol unlock for Surf .

1. Surf Server Suggestion

2. Suggesting a New Pistol Unlock for the Surf Server .
3. I am suggesting to add a Barlog- 1 of an unlock as Deagle's for Admins or Sadmins in Surf.
4. This unlock really makes the game interesting and Funny to play with it .

I don't know, i personaly think that Barlog-1 would ruin the game with that no recoil bomb and maximum damage upgrade.
It would be fun only for admins or super admins and that would make the server „pay to win“

personally i dont think that it will be a good idea to add such weapon in surf especially for admins... it will be unfair
the thread will be open for few days for more replies

Not much to add, balrog has explosive damage which is pretty high, and the explosive bullet has no recoil, so you could be flying around while spamming Mouse2 and just blowing everything up. Makes it extremely P2W based.

Also, Admins / S.Admins have enough bonuses to make it easier to level up or generally play, so making it even easier is a bad idea.

well seems like the case is closed,
suggestion declined

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