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VIP Plugin's ZP

Hi Staff Members Owner's
These are plugin by me for zp VIP
VIP must have 4x Jumps;
VIP Get 100 anti infect armor;
VIP Get 4 ap on 2 hits;
VIP Items;
Golden Ak 47 30 ap [2xDamage]
Player aura 10 ap 
anti infect 150 5 ap
balrog-I 45 ap [1xDamage]
VIP Must Have 2x Damger Free
Thanks Hope Staff Will Add These

'VIP must have 4x Jumps;'
-- VIPs already have 2 additional jumps. I think it is enough and, even if multi jump was increased for VIPs, it would also mean that it would be necessary to increase it for players as well so it doesn't become incredibely unbalanced. You are also able tu purchase additional jumps in the extra items shop and, although they only last for a round, they still do the job.

'VIP Get 100 anti infect armor;'
-- VIPs already have a chance of getting anywhere from 0-100 armor or other items every round, I think it makes it even more interesting, because they are not guaranteed to always get the armor. They are compensated with other items like a free lazer mine, ammo packs or xp.

'VIP Get 4 ap on 2 hits;'
-- The shop is intended to be expensive and it is not supposed to be easy to obtain ammo packs for anyone. Making that VIPs would get 4 AP for each 2 hits would make it incredibely unbalanced, the economy would completely fail and there would essentially be not a problem gaining ammo packs when being a member of VIP.

'Golden Ak 47 30 ap [2xDamage]'
'balrog-I 45 ap [1xDamage]'
-- This would mean that all, if not most of the currently available unlocks you can purchase will render useless. VIPs already have access to some VIP-exclusive weapons, so there is no need to provide them with more unnecessary weapons in the VIP menu.

'Player aura 10 ap'
-- Could possibly annoy and lag players. I don't see how this would be necessary.

'anti infect 150 5 ap'
-- VIPs already are able to purchase armor 4 times, which totals to 400, but regular players - 3 times.

'VIP Must Have 2x Damger Free'
-- Weapons are already balanced to the point where you can kill zombies in a reasonable amount of time, doubling the damage for VIPs would make it way too easy for zombies to be slain by VIPs.

All in all, it seems like you're advising to make the VIP more OP and we are not intending that. We want the game to be fair and square, by also providing some neat features, from which VIPs could benefit from.
We do not want our server to be pay-to-win and only VIP sided. If you are willing to suggest adding these overpowered features to the VIP, then also include a suggestion on how to make it equal, balance it out, so it wouldn't be too easy for VIPs.

And there would go all time of balancing things.
If these changes were made it would be too OP and unbalanced between VIPs and non-VIPs like Frost mentioned.
Your idea is to make server with OP things. I think the meaning of this suggestion is that it's too hard for you to play here and you want to get VIP but VIPs are not OP like in other servers, so you could dominate, and your idea with golden ak-47 and 2x free damage is too ridiculous cause it would male 4x more damage.

Sorry but i think your suggestions is useless as we didn't attend to make server with overpowered things.
From me it's no.


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