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server: zp server
suggesting new skins for vips and admins and remove prestige, ranks and powers.
suggestion description: add different skins for vip and admins, remove prestige, ranks, powers.
benefits: its better understood and looks cool for vip and admins to distinguish them selves from normal players. IMO i think there is too much to do with what i have mentioned above. once press the m button and there is just too much options in the player menu section, so removing prestige ranks and powers might be a little less confusing for others. and for some players they might be too lazy to work their way into the prestige, powers, achievement and levels.

Well then it'd be just any ordinary zombie plague server, which is quite boring, you'd have no goal achieve, just kill zombies, repeatedly type "ez" after every round and show off with your ammo packs.
With prestige, power etc. you'd actually have something to play for, and the idea of getting op and then reseting is quite fun in my opinion.

Prestiges, ranks or powers will most definitely stay and will not be removed. That is the whole point of the zombie server and is the very core of it. Without any powers, ranks or prestiged, it would be quite boring after achieving the highest level. I would also like to point out that everything's balanced quite well, even if you will have maxed out damage power, it will still take quite a bit to kill a zombie.

VIPs already have their own skin and I don't think that providing each rank its own skin would be necessary, as it wouldn't be game changing anyways. Plus, that would also mean that players would possibly have to wait extra time just to download the skin. VIPs already have a unique prefix and they can enable/disable it at any time, so that is already enough to be distinct.

I would agree that the menu should be simplified a bit more. You can already access the player menu with a shortcut command, which is '/pm', but yeah, I think it needs to be organized a little bit more efficiently.

The suggestions and the responses are good, i think that the xp/powers should be there.
I personally do not like that much these tags "Soldier" etc.
For the VIP skin i think there is already one.

I'll leave this thread open for further replies and also for @Karolis opinion Smile

thanks to all of you for sharing your thoughts on my suggestions!

Vip and admin model will be same, well might add for admins white smith model in future, the xp and powers will stay thats what it makes our zombies server unique if there will be demand we can try creating in future an biohazard server without anything.

Well i'm sorry to disappoint you @Sonam, it seems like the team wants to keep it the same. This thread will still be opened for replies from other members but as its a new server lets figure out if the current mod will work Smile

when you gonna do the ping dlarje?

Please use the right forums @najmi, i told you already that i increased the ping to 350...

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