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Describe the user.

Describing Users

You have to describe the previous user who commented here (the latest comment). Your task is to provide a description about him - how is he like, what are his ups and downs, why is he good, etc. Simply describe the person in a detailed way, without giving him the actual forum rating. You could also include non-person description, like avatar, signature and so on.

This is a game just for fun, to see what others think about you and to see how detailed the descriptions would eventually become.

You can describe all users, but don't describe the same user if you had already described him earlier.
So the game actually starts, the first commenter has to provide a description about me, then the next about the previous commentator.... and so on.

Have fun!

Good at english, bad at life, met him in usercs before so i guess i can call that i know this person for 2 years, he's helpful, dependant have lots of patience also professional at his work as mod, this guy is real mod then other plebs. Played with him in public and other servers so i we can call him pro at this game cs 1.6.

Don't know him that well. Hes from the same shitty country that I'm from myself. So he probably likes ciburekai too, has a blank avatar so his life is probably blank too. Makes alright servers at least so far. Bad at writing , but he smells nice.

my swarm student Heart

my nibba, explains everything i ask, former pro swarmer and public player, likes deagle, likes football

I have known him for quite some time now (over a year) - active, loyal and fun to chat with. Can be serious, can joke around and is generally a good sport.
I have also noticed that he has got better in public recently, so look out from him!

Don't know him much but as far as i have seen he is a nice and helps other...
same nick as mine...
True Surfer....(still playing surf btw Tongue).. and yeah still a noob Tongue
Rapidfire"o_O">Fr`o_O-&t<"O_o" +1

I know little to nothing about you... I'm aware that you're dlarje's friend.
You seem like a calm person, fun to hang out with. Makes jokes a lot. Haven't really played with you all that much, I remember I did, but I have already forgotten how skilled you were.

Met him like 1 year ago. First impressions was like serious guy that i should not tell him anything didnt like him because he ruined my experience in servers. But when i became friends with Karolis it turned out that automaticly i became friends with him. Anyways hes chill, mature for his age, good friend, good moderator. 

I don't know a lot about him but by looking at his profile picture it looks like he likes anime or maybe manga?. I only noticed him when he commented on my introduction post. Can`t say a lot about this person from my own experience but i truly heard great compliments about him.

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