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Real life:

Real life name - Edgaras
Age - 18
Hobbies/interests - Volleyball, most action games, in real life and in-game.
Where are you from and how's it like living there? - Joniškis in Lithuania / Cool, cozy.
Favorite food/product - Chinken in cream souce
Are you interested in doing sports? If so, what kind of sports do you like the best? - Yeah, I love playing volleyball
How seriously do you take school or job? - Normally. Serious, but not to much.
Have you ever travelled to somewhere? If so, what is the coolest place you've been to? - Been in Latvia Venspils. Dont travel much.
What is the most funniest incident you have experienced in your life? - Crashed onto a car while running back to school with a friend. Then rolled on the car and walked away like nothing happened.
How would you describe yourself in a few words? - Inpatient, lazy, competitive.
Anything else you'd like the readers to know about? - My name is Edgaras

Virtual world:

In-game nickname - Edgaras
Previous nicknames - Exgo, Satann. (None on this server)
Contact information (steam/skype/discord, etc.) - Edgaras#7251 <-Discord only
How and where did you find out about this community and why did you join it? - Was browsing reddit and saw a post about cs 1.6. I remembered about my older times when i used to play cs, so i searched for my favorite gamemode [surf+gunXP] and then found this amazing, active server Smile
What do you like the most about this community? - Well, i like that there are always players, i quess. I dont know this community well so can't say much.
What video games do you like and play? - Heartstone, League of Legends, a little bit of CS:GO
What movie genres do you like the most (action, adventure, animated, etc.), and what is your favorite movie? - I like most of them, I like Avengers i quess Big Grin
Do you like listening to music? If so, what is your favorite song and artist? - I love listening to music, i dont have a favorite tho. I am not picky, i like them all (almost)
Do you use any form of social media? If so, what is the reason behind that? - I use reddit if that even counts as a form of social media, i have facebook, but not really active on it.
How long have you been playing cs 1.6 for? - I've been playing cs 1.6 since childhood, becouse all my friends played it. It was still popular back then. But now as the game has died out a lot, i didnt play for a long time.
Anything else you'd like the readers to know about? - My name is Edgaras

welcome to the community, have fun and enjoy playing it!


Enjoy your time here!


Welcome ...
Best Regard Tongue
Rapidfire"o_O">Fr`o_O-&t<"O_o" +1

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