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Me, Myself and I

Real life name- Dorian  Uzi

Age- 21 years old 

Hobbies/interests- Going out, enjoying life with friends and people in general. I love my Job. I play the guitar. I volunteer as an EMT on my country first responders teams.

Where are you from and how's it like living there?- I live in Israel, we have beautiful and scenic scenery, amazingly vast and complex culture and people of all kinds, colors and sorts. But we have a lot of tension with our neighboring countries due to land related, and religious conflicts that are as old as time itself. So it is definitely no walk in the park, we experience a lot of military activity and wars. All in all it is not easy, but as a strong and confident country we manage pretty well !

Favorite food/product- My favorite fruit is a green melon XD And my favorite food is native pastry called "Jahnoon", it is made mostly using margarine, flour and water. It is cooked in the oven overnight and is enjoyed with a sort of salsa we make on our Saturday mornings usually.  

Are you interested in sports? If so, what kind of sports do you like the most?- I mostly do anaerobic training such as lifting weights, and take it pretty seriously, meaning I eat about 30 grams of protein every 3 hours on the dot.

How seriously do you take school or job?- Very much so, I am currently finishing my SAT studies that I will use to get into university in order to study Bussiness and Economy.

Have you ever travelled to somewhere? If so, what is the coolest place you've been to?- I have traveled a lot to Europe, as I have family there. But the coolest place I have been would have to be New Zealand, to which I flew for a concert by Childish Gambino. By far the best decision I ever made. 

What is the funniest incident you have experienced in your life?- It is very late at the time I am writing this, but if anything will come to mind I will edit this  Tongue

How would you describe yourself in a few words?- I like to think of myself as a very serious but also outgoing, and sometimes even a bit of a crazy type of person. I like to try new things, explore the world around me and just be as curious as I possibly can. I try to make the best out of any situation and help others enjoy life like I do. 

Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know about?- I would like to become friends with the lot of you and revive the servers that need that so feel free to DM Smile

Virtual world:

In-game nickname- Gilgamesh1

Previous nicknames- Gilgamesh 

Contact information (steam/skype/discord, etc.)- Gilgamesh#6188

How and where did you find out about this community and why did you join it?- Found it by accident, I actually haven't played for a few years and COVID-19 made me fall in love with the game once again Smile My Favorite mode was always surf and I stumbled upon this server, and couldn't stop playing !

What do you like the most about this community?- The people I have met so far were very nice and pleasant and helped me get to know the server a lot better and familiarize myself with the different options and mechanics on it. So I would say I like how everyone helps and takes care of others  Big Grin

What video games do you like and play?- I mostly enjoy PS4 single players like God of war, Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear Solid and a whole bunch of others. I also like my fair share of Call of Duty, and on PC I mostly play CS 1.6, because I find the console to more convenient for me in terms of atmosphere and playabillity. But coming over to play CS 1.6 on PC is worth every minute XD There are so many nostalgic childhood memories for me from this game that I just can't let go   Uzi

What movie genres do you like the most (action, adventure, animated, etc.), and what is your favorite movie?- I mostly enjoy war, thrillers and adventure type of movies, but I usually would enjoy a series more than a movie. I wouldn't be able to choose one favorite, it would be too hard, but if I HAD to choose I think it would be "Inglourious Bastards" by Quentin Tarantino. And the favorite series would have to be "Mad Men".

Do you like listening to music? If so, what is your favorite song and artist?- I live music, especially Rap and Hip-Hop, but I like many different genres like, Funk and even Disco sometimes XD My favorite artist by a longshot would be Childish Gambino, and my recently favorite song of his would be 12.38 from his new album 3.15.20

Do you use any form of social media? If so, what is the reason behind that?- I use Facebook to stay up to date mostly and check out weird and funny videos, as well as youtube. I also use Instagram but mostly to pick up chicks Cool

How long have you been playing cs 1.6 for?- Ever since I could understand how XD I would say probably since first grade. Then I stopped in high school due to insufficient time, and now I am back again Uzi

Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know about?- As I said earlier, I URGE you to DM me and let's get to playing ASAP !!!

Greetings, fellow gamer!

welcome to the community!
haveva good stay

Greetings, fellow gamer!


I'm glad that someone actually took their time into making a great introduction thread!
Hopefully you will enjoy your stay here.

I'm already aware you are a player, but awesome that you put effort into introducing yourself. Enjoy your time with us Dorian!

After reading it, im impressed by you volunteering (no matter which country is or what kind of volunteering is). Thank you for sharing with us some nice informations about you!


Thank you fellas for taking the time to read it ! Look forward to playing together  Uzi

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