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Knife menu

Hello Ghubs,

This is just a quick suggestion about the new knife menu

The new knife menu is great! adds so much to the game and is very much fun, however my suggestion is that there should be a knife specially for VIPs.

Reason why:
Reason why is because this will give extra benefits to VIPs as there aren't as much in the VIP menu already, in the VIP menu there's only 2 items so providing us VIP's the extra knife option would be great! And for the owners it will also motivate some players to purchase VIP to access the benefits. I know many players that would spend even 5 euro just for a VIP knife. This will highly benefit the server and VIP players.

Another quick suggestion:
Instead of making so many threads i might as well write it here, it would be great if there were more items to be bought in the VIP menu, for example extra guns (of course not stronger than high level weapons) just some side guns VIPs can buy to help them level up and enjoy the game more, and not just guns but other stuff like grenades, items, whatever!

If not for VIP, then why not add it in extra items menu for everyone.

Thank you once again!

Greetings fellow gamer!

We appreciate your interest in our community and servers and thanks for your suggestions. However, I think privileged players have plenty of features on their hands at the moment and even though it might not seem enough or as many, you are forgeting one essential aspect: that the privilege is activated on all servers, whenever you decide to purchase it.

Despite my argument, I would have liked to see your suggestion be more specific: what kind of knife? How would it benefit the privileged players? What other items (specific ones) would you like to see in a VIP menu?
What is certain, no weapons will be added in the VIP menu, you already have access to some special weapons in the gun menu, which is available for the privileged players only.

Thanks for the reply, i wanted to let you guys choose the knife which would be the most suitable for the server, but to be specific for VIPs the knife model would be your (owners, admins, moderators) choice, but what VIPs would benefit for the VIP only knife would be 2 things, for example normal knifes we have now give only 1 benefit, hammer = knockback, the other knifes give gravity or speed. But the VIP knife would give 2 bonuses like Gravity + Speed, or Speed + knockback, or Gravity + knockback, you know what i mean?

Of course i can help you guys choose the model and knife if requested, but i would like to leave that entirely up to your choice.

And for the specific extra items in VIP menu would possibly be things like TMPDragon (weapon), possibly even Unlimited Clip (5 per map limit) to keep it fair for normal players, possibly even a concussion grenade. It's a list of things that could be added, either at once or overtime as the server updates of course.

Knife offering multiple adventages could be implemented, but is it a good idea? You see, zombies now are struggling to cope against players with high levels and with maxed out speed power plus the speed knife, humans become abnormally fast.

As I mentioned before, no weapons will most likely be added in the VIP menu and if they would be, they would probably be relatively powerful until level 30 to keep it fair and straight. There will most definitely not be any unlimited clips, you can already melt through zombies quite fast and with relative ease, that would completely ruin the whole gameplay and make it unbelievably 'pay to win' sided. There's already a concussion grenade available in the VIP menu for zombies.

If we considered adding new items in the VIP menu, they would be minimalistic and nothing game-changing. Items, which would partly give you an adventage, but nothing significant.
Anyways, we might have a briefing about the exclusive VIP knife, but that is still uncertain.

I would like to see what others think, though.

I'm kinda with frost in the same head, having maxed powers is already a big advantage.

But I do believe that VIP should have one of each (Gun, Pistol, Knife) to complete a set, the more variety of weapon of cool and unique stuff = more fun.
don't forget that at the same time we will have to think about a way to make it balanced as much as possible, which is not exactly an easy job.
keep that in mind also that the more and more stuff that will be added into the game might cause other players to lag/crash.

I am kinda natural in this case.
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Moderator | 3/April/2020 - Currently

I fully agree with you both, i didn't keep in mind that zombies are quite getting bolted by humans. And yes Frost that's exactly what i had in mind, some extra items that are not game-changing but gives us a larger variety of items to choose from, buy from, and play from. It's not game-changing, however it will provide a wider range of items to pick from which is of course a more fun idea than just having limited items to choose from. Whether it's only for VIPs or non-privileged players, then i suggest it should be for all players so that everyone has a wider range of items.

Maybe in future.

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