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Sniper mode

Hello gaming hub,

This thread is about the mode Sniper and a quick change of rules i think would be appropriate.

Change of rules for the mode Sniper:
  • Whoever is Sniper they should NOT be allowed to camp reason why is because they will always win, its clearly unfair for zombies and its boring
  • There's always a few zombies that hide which end up getting slayed because the Sniper is camping and of course the zombies don't want to attack because they will be killed by the Sniper as zombies stand no chance
  • It would be much more fun and better if the Sniper was running about and zombies chasing after him, yes i have tried this myself many times and i win with Sniper running around
What change should be done to the Sniper:
If the Sniper has regular speed and is running around then he has a high chance to lose, that's why i recommend to give the Sniper extra speed and low gravity. So normal gravity is 800 and normal speed is 250.
The sniper should have 325 speed and 600 gravity (that's just a suggestion, you guys can choose the speed and gravity which is most suitable for Sniper)

What admins should do if Sniper doesn't follow the rules:
  • Admins should give a warning to the sniper either in chat or @@ chat to not camp
  • If the Sniper does not listen the admin should give 0 damage slaps to the Sniper to let him know he should move from camp
  • If the Sniper still carries on to camp while no ZM is attacking then he should be slayed.
This is all just a suggestion, let me know if you agree or disagree, thanks.

Hello,good morning/afternoon/nigh
it seems like %60 zombie wins , but am in agreement with your suggestion because i have experience in this space .i mean owner etc .i used to moderate my own server and i was the only admin there and in the mods [SNIPER,SURVIVOR,TANKER] the players always camp and hide and don't attack

NOTICE : tanker is super survivor (can fly and drag zombies)
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I agree tbh, it would be better if that would be a thing. Kek

Good idea.

a sniper is supposed to camp to shoot
he can't shoot one bullet at a time, the zombies will win even more easily
bad idea

Luxury, i disagree with your statement because i personally have tried being a Sniper and run around while 18+ zombies running to kill me, and i have won many times. However if a sniper camps, he can clearly one shot kill every ZM that goes in the camp easily. Also the Sniper constantly wins when camping. So this idea will be fair for zombies and Sniper as the Sniper will have buffs.

Yeah, I agree with you. But one of the owners also suggested, that it's possible to just deny the snipers from crouching, I think that'd be quite neat with the buff you suggested. (The gravity & speed one)

I kinda disagree with it, This the whole purpose of the sniper mode.
Its health is already pretty low and if planning to remove the sniper ability to 1 shot enemies it would ruin the sniper
Maybe just not having unlimited bullets can might fix this issue and make more stable and balanced.
any other stuff besides that will probably ruin the mode
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I never mentioned to remove the sniper ability to 1 shot enemies, the whole idea is to let sniper keep his 1 shot kill, make his health a little higher and increase his speed and gravity. So that he can run around the map while zombies chasing him. Sniper should keep his unlimited bullets, but like i said, this idea makes this mode more fun and gives zombies a fair chance to win aswell.

think in what you want
from my point of view its would be toxic

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