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Free VIP

Hello Gaming Hub,

This thread is about the new "Free VIP" and why i disagree with it. Before you decide please make sure you read the whole thread.

Free VIP is available from 10PM - 10AM if i am not wrong, and that's great that players and new players can have a chance to experience VIP.
However, the free VIP is on for too long. Here's my reasons why it should be either removed or reduced.

Reasons for why it should stay:
  • Allows players to experience VIP then consider buying it permanently
  • Allows all players to enjoy more as of course they have VIP
Reasons for why free VIP should be removed or reduce the time for free VIP:
  • Players abuse the admin commands such as "amx_chat" and "say @@" (it is our jobs as admins to prevent that of course)
  • Rounds are too quick and humans win 80% of the time
  • Most importantly it is not fair for those who paid for VIP, players that paid for VIP (1 eur) have the exact same privileges as free VIP players.
  • Second most important is that you as a server will lose money as players will not consider buying VIP as they get it for free every 10PM - 10AM
What i think you SHOULD CONSIDER doing:
This is my opinion, i am not telling you owners what to do, but i think you guys should reduce the time free VIP is available, so instead of 10PM - 10AM it should be 10PM - 3AM or 5AM.
If not that then i consider removing free VIP fully or allow free VIP on some days for example only once a week.

Another reason why is because 100% of players that already bought VIP for money, they are not happy. So i am writing this thread on behalf of all ADMINS and VIPS that support the server.

Thank you for reading, hope you take this into consideration.

I really like the amount of effort and thought you have put into this, thinking about sides and how it can benefit the server.
I can agree with you , people who have paid for their VIP can find this is really annoying and unfair.
Another solution, in my opinion, can also be that during the "Free-VIP" people who didn't pay for their VIP won't have the FULL access and stuff that a REAL VIP gets (weapons, cheaper stuff, privilege bouns) and maybe just get the 3x jump.

Hope other staff would agree with you.
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The reason why there is free vip is that Karolis won't get spammed about vip problems (according to the guys on zp server) I mean i can see why he did that. If i was him, i would make daily 1h vip. It means that you get free vip for 1 hour daily or just disable that thing.

Free vip disabled, will work to make only for certain time like from 11 PM to 8 AM

Thank you all for your replies, and thank you owners for taking this into consideration.

i think it's true......but this will attract players
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