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bOTAS Report

Your in-game nickname: Torpeda-
Admin's nickname: bOTAS
Offense: Abusing Admin privileges
Server: Zombie+GunXP
Explanation of the situation: Admin by the name of "bOTAS" first asked people if they want custom modes. Poeple voted for "yes". Everything went fine until he spammed custom modes each round... The demo starts when it was the second time he spawned a custom mode. "Sniper" mode. Then he slay's "Fenix LT" player for no reason. Then I start talking to him, saying don't abuse admin privileges, and he responds that he asked the players. Then after that spawns custom modes one after another. Read the chat and see the player reaction to what he was doing. Clearly they did not want that.
Screenshot / Demo (+Time):I can't realy say the exact time but it was arround 5:30PM +2 GMT 2020/23/3

Report accepted. Player banned for 2 days.

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