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Few bugs zm

Bug 1:
1. Platform: Non steam
2. Server:  Zm
2. When was this apparent for the first time? Long time ago and this bug still exist.
3. Screenshot and/or a demo: -
4. Explanation of the bug:  Zombie trap stays for 1m+ on ct which is anoying. I know that Carl knows this issue but the problem right now is that people became aware of this issue and now they abuse it by always putting those traps on you. And you basicly are dead since traps stays almost for the rest of the round. I would suggest to remove trap until the issue is solved.
Bug 2:
1. Platform: Non Steam
2. Server: Zm
2. When was this apparent for the first time? Recently
3. Screenshot and/or a demo: 
4. Explanation of the bug:  Recently carl added Privilege bonus and i noticed that if you get armour bonus priv it overrides your armour that you have and gives you 70 armour. For example if you have 200 armour by the end of the round and if you get armour bonus priv you will only have 70 armour which is given by the bonus. But the rest of the armor you had before just disappears.

#1 This bug is pretty old, can't find anything wrong in code as it sometimes works good and bad. But i really need to fix it
#2 U shouldn't lose armor anymore. As i implemented code that sum up the armor.
cs_set_user_armor(id, 110, get_user_armor(id) + CS_ARMOR_KEVLAR);

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