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XP lost

1. In-game nickname: [Owner] D3ATH K!LL3R
2. Steam-ID:STEAM_1:0:2051925511
3. IP Address:
4. Amount of XP/Prestiges you had: i had 140k above and my lvl was 42 my xp lost when frost told me to change name or i will ban you permanently thats why i change my name to D3ATH K!LL3R but when the next map change my xp was lost
5. Save type (/save) nick

When you are changing your nick always save on ip. After you changed the nick put back your save type on a nick. That way you shouldn't lose all of your progress. Also what was the big idea of putting [Owner] in your nick?

i was a clan owner in other server thats why i put tag [Owner] and i wawnt to change my nick to D3ATH K!LL3R but my lvl and xp are what will i do and i have prestige too and can i get my lvls and xp back i try so hard getting it and i have prestige too

Did u register on new account?

just get your steamid in here & to find your ip:

It is not that I had anything against you having an "owner" prefix in your nickname, but it seemed that you were pretending to be one. If it makes you happy, you can keep your nickname that way, but don't pretend that you're an actual owner of the community and don't manipulate people in any way, shape or form.
Quote:2. Steam-ID: non-steam
When it comes to steam-ID we didn't mean, whether you are a steamed player or not. If that was what we would be looking for, we would ask that directly, instead of asking for steamid for whatever reason. In order to get your steamid, join whichever server you want, open your console (press ~) and type status in your console. A list of players will pop up and you will find theirs (including yours) steamid. You can also find a more detailed explanation of this in our discord server, in the "faq" channel.
Quote:3. IP Address: i dont know what ip address i have
A relatively easy process. You can either go to google and search for "what is my IP address", which should directly give your IP address without the need to navigate in a specific site.
The other option is to visit the site, which dlarje gave you ( or an alternative website is

i edited my steam id and ip address now please get my xp and lvls

I set back your xp and levels, if you still have problems for not getting them contact me privately in discord: dlarje#0014


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