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New surf maps suggestion

Check out these maps, they could be added to surfxp server:

1. surf_advanced
2. surf_4-ever
3. surf_drugfactory
4. surf_quake_gm
5. surf_Prototype_prima
6. surf_citywar
7. surf_virus
8. surf_city
9. surf_city2
10. surf_italy
11. surfcatch_desert
12. surfcatch_collision


Never played those maps. Lets see what others have to say Big Grin

<p>I agree with your suggestion, looking good maps, and nice idea to put some new maps because these old maps became so boring like surf_green and surf_green_deluxe2 or w/e is called are same maps, just put some new maps and remove some old maps.<br />
The best server and owners!<br />
<br />


These maps will be added soon, i didn't accepted the others because they are not combat maps or they are to hard to be played in.


About the maps to delete you should name them, then we will have a vote or an absolute response to the maps you choose to remove.<br />
Please use another thread to suggest.

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