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New gun update

1. Platform: Non-steam
2. When was this apparent for the first time?: 2019-12-01 around 19:00pm (07:00pm)
3. Screenshot and/or a demo: i dont really know how to do ss for this bug cuz it just dissappears (the list)
4. Explanation of the bug: When i wanted to get a gun, i accidently pressed 2 and when i pressed it and got a  gun (pistol) i didnt get the list of gun uls.

which server are you talking about ?

(12-01-2019, 05:54 PM)dlarje Wrote: which server are you talking about ?

I am talking about plague

The menu might've disappeared 'cause you were tapping too fast and had high ping, I know from experience. Keep your ping low and/or tap slower and you should be fine, I doubt it was the server's problem.

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