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Forum posts.

We promised and we delivered! It is time for yet another event and hopefully an active one. The event is relatively similar to the previous one, but, rather than inviting people to the website, you would have to gather as much forum posts as you can in a certain amount of time. This would basically mean engaging in forum’s activity. The reason behind this event is to [hopefully] spark a little activity on this website so it doesn’t look dead all the time.

Before you proceed and/or even participate in the event, you need to follow these fairly simple steps:

1) Register on our forums (so you can even do the given task.)
2) Post a reply in this thread to indicate that you are participating in the event, by including;
  • your in-game nickname: 
  • your wishes to other contenders: 


If you are willing to participate in the event, do all the steps mentioned above. After that, you have the permission to start posting comments and/or threads. You can post whatever you desire as long as it follows our regulations and event’s rules, which are listed below. If you are unfamiliar with the functionality of the forum and how to post a thread, all the necessary tutorials can be found on our discord server, on the #faq channel.

Keep in mind that we will only count your posts when the event will begin, we will ignore any posts you made before the event.


1. You may not share your account with other people to fasten the process.
2. You may not “shitpost” aka post meaningless, unnecessary and/or illogical comments/threads.
3. You may not spread any false, misleading information about the community.
4. You may not bribe people to, for example, keep the discussion going just so you could earn more posts.
5. Upon entering the event, you are responsible for your own actions and you agree with possible unforeseen consequences if you violate any of these rules.
6. You may not violate any of our set regulations.

Caught violating and/or disobeying any of these rules will result in an instant disqualification from the event and possible consequences.


No event goes without properly rewarding the top contenders. After the event, the contenders who won the event will be contacted directly. This also means that they will have exactly 24 hours to respond to the message appropriately. If they don’t respond in time, their prize will be forfeit and a 4th place contender will be picked as the new winner. You will also have to pick one of the given rewards.

The rewards are as follows:
First place:
  • Super Admin - 30 days.

  • Super VIP - 60 days.
Second place:
  • Admin - 30 days.

  • VIP - 60 days.
Third place:
  • Super VIP - 30 days.

  • VIP - 45 days.
Note. We will not only be looking at the amount of forum posts you have at the end of the event.


Everything has to come to an end eventually and so will this event. The winners will be those with the most posts, but we will also pay attention to other aspects so posting meaningless threads and/or post isn’t really the best idea.

START: 1st of December, 2019.
13th of 
December, 2019.

Note. The 13th of December is not included in the event, meaning that you will have a total of 12 days to reach the top and the event will end as soon as it will be the 13th of December.

Reminder. Any posts made before the start of the event will not be counted, even if you already entered the event. We will start counting posts starting from the 1st of December. We will count the posts you gained, excluding the posts you already had before entering the event.

Ooh nice frost, another event. ill try to win this xd

your in-game nickname: Dark shadow
your wishes to other contenders: Just participing for rewards Big Grin
No pain, no gain! Push your limits   Uzi

your in-gamer nickname : General 
sure i will win  Uzi

Given that there are only 3 contenders at the moment, there will only be one winner at the end of the event. However, there will be 2 winners if one more will participate, but you only have a bit more than an hour left to do that.
The winner will still receive the prize, which is intended for first place.

Good luck and have fun when the event starts!

Your in-game Nick : xdevilhunter
Wishes : Good luck guys . Hope that new players will find our threads useful.

  • your in-game nickname: cBB

  • your wishes to other contenders: May the best one win

  • [Image: 2013122171989.jpg]

Due to significant inactivity, the event has been cancelled.
Due to little to no engagement in the event, the rewards will not be distributed.

Thread closed.

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