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new maps and fix errors with guns surf xp

Big Grin 

its possible enter new maps and fix error with any guns (deagle star 7000xp but doesnt works)?
please new skills/bodys for T and CT admn, its so confused body.
and its really need change equips for admins (not only S.A) when i stay alone to order, no 4 ct 8 t... i cant do it and its neccesary i think

thanksBig Grin

#2 surf_advanced surf_4-ever

Add these maps ??

Hello @RRRR

I know about the Star Deagle, I've disabled it as i mentioned in shoutbox.
-So about that gun i will remove it for some time as i will decrease the power.
-About the VIP skins, the current one are good so there will be no changes.
-For team balance ill look into it and will find a solution about this matter, but in any case i wont give access to normal admins because they can abuse their powers.
-For maps you just have to suggest them, but make sure that they are combat maps and not surf training ones.


Yeah they will be added as they are combat maps!

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