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DD2 - round sounds.

Hello there, folks! We are planning to implement some songs at the end of the round in the DD2 server so the gameplay would be more engaging and you would feel bigger accomplishment whenever winning the round. This is your chance to have your songs to be featured in this updated so post a reply including all of the songs you desire the most!
  • Provide a link (preferably a youtube link) to the song.
  • Give us a timestamp (the timestamp cannot be longer than 12 seconds, but it would be appreciated if it didn't exceed 10 seconds.)
For example: - 1:41 - 1:51
This thread will remain open for some time and we will let you know if we will end up actually implementing the update. Now, post some awesome songs!

#2 - From that time maybe and would be about 10 seconds? - 10 Seconds - 10 Seconds - Idk - idk
Tell me what u think Big Grin

Frost about last one you are kinda wrong

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