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Discord server invites.


Hello there folks! This is the first ever actual on-going event we are having (apart from the youtuber's and VIP offers, but those are more of a deals than events.) The concept of this event is plain and simple and, as the name itself suggest, it has something to do with invites on our discord server. We decided to start this event, now and at this particular time, because we want to see our loyal players being engaged in a challenge, otherwise everything seems a bit too quiet here!

Before you proceed and/or even participate in the event, you need to follow these fairly simple steps:
1) Join our discord server if you haven't already
2) Post a reply in this thread to indicate that you are participating in the event, by including;
  • your in-game nickname: 
  • your discord's username: 
  • your wishes to other contenders: 

If you are willing to participate in the event, do all the steps mentioned above. After that, you have the permission to start inviting people. First things first, you need to create an invite; a permanent one. To do that, simply press on the server's name (in this instance, press on "GamingHUB") and then press on "invite people". However, before copying the invite and exiting the tab, make sure to check the "set this link to never expire" box, which is right below the received invite link. This will insure that your invite won't expire. If you forget to do that, consider making a new invite, otherwise your invite will expire after a day and the expired invites will be ignored. If you are still confused about the procedure, you can always contact any staff member for clarification or look for a tutorial in the #faq channel on our discord server.

After you have done all the necessary steps, you are now good to go and you can start inviting people. However, before you go around begging and screaming at people to join; please read and meet the following rules, which are displayed below. We are using an "invitemanager" bot, so you can find all the necessary commands by typing "-help" in the appropriate channel.


1. You may not advertise the discord server where that is forbidden.
2. You may not bribe people to join the discord server.
3. You may not spread any false, misleading information about the community.
4. You cannot invite any additional (alt) accounts of yours.
5. Upon entering the event, you are responsible for your own actions and you agree with possible unforeseen consequences if you violate any of these rules.
6. You may not threaten and/or manipulate anyone into joining the discord server.

Caught violating and/or disbobeying any of these rules will result in an instant disqualification from the event and possible consequences.


No event goes without properly rewarding the top contenders. After the event, the contenders who won the event will be contacted directly. This also means that they will have around 24 hours to respond to the message appropriately with the necessary details. If they won't respond in time, their prize will be forfeit and a 4th place contender will be picked as the new winner. You will also have to pick one of the given rewards.

The rewards are as follows:
First place:
  • Super Admin - 30 days.
  • Super VIP - 60 days.
Second place:
  • Admin - 30 days.
  • VIP - 60 days.
Third place:
  • Super VIP - 30 days.
  • VIP - 45 days.

Note. We will not only be looking at the amount of invites you have at the end of the event.


Everything has to come to an end eventually and so will this event. The winners will be those with the most affective and efficient invites, but we will also pay attention to other aspects, like respecting and obeying our wishes and/or rules.

DEADLINE: November 15th, 2019.

  • your in-game nickname:  Dark shadow

  • your discord's username:  Dark shadow

  • your wishes to other contenders: I wanna win agian , also a chance to be agian admin
No pain, no gain! Push your limits   Uzi

Your in-game nick : xdevilhunter

Your discord's nick : xdevilhunter

Wishes to other contestants : Invite as many players you can so that we can play together.  Best of luck

Due to inactivity, the event has been cancelled.
Thanks to everyone who participated and those who did, will be rewarded accordingly.

The next event will take place in about a month.

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