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Privileges? Where?

Visai faina tsg išmest 3eur į niekur 

1. In-game nickname:  Denchik*
2. Steam-ID:
3. IP Address: type personally for this info
4. Explanation: pirkau ant nick, niekas niekur nieko. Pirkau vip'a ant ip, nes pagailo 2eur išleistu veltui, taipogi, jokiu net ženklu apie privilėgijas

Hello @Denchik*,

We are sorry for the inconveniences, our SMS payment had a bug activating your privileges.
As you paid 3 euro, i can either grant you admin or grant you S.VIP for 2 months (including 10 days as an apology for this bug)
Contact me in private message with your infos (IP & what kind of decision you have made)


PS: Please try to use english in forum Smile

Sorry, i made some mistake in sms system. It should be fixed now. Sorry for inconvenience!


As you didnt reply to me with your decision, i gave you the S.VIP option for 2 months (including 10 extra days)


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