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Server rules

Staff members have every right to remove privileges for abusing them / breaking rules, without any refunds.
Members cannot appeal for a refund / unban once you've been banned or your privileges have been removed.
If you have already bought a certain rank, a refund will not be given.

General Server rules:

Swearing at / Insulting people is forbidden in all servers.
Racism / Discrimination is forbidden.
It's forbidden to use any kind of cheat / script / alias that gives advantages over other players.
Spamming over the microphone is forbidden.
Advertising any community / website links & IP's is forbidden.
Teaming with enemies is forbidden.

Dust2/Westwood/Assault Server rules:

You should stick to the map objective which is to either "plant or defuse"/ "rescue or protect".
*Not respecting objective will result in a Slay and / or Kick
Camping is allowed only if:
-CTs have to protect the bombsite / rescue the hostage.
-Ts have to protect the planted bomb / protect the hostages.

ZP Server rules:

The game mode objective is simple, kill all humans for zombies / survive the round for humans.
*Not following these rules will result in a Slay / Kick / Ban.
- Zombies cannot hide / avoid doing their objective on normal rounds.
- Survior / Sniper can camp in tunnels.
- As a Nemesis or any type of special zombie, you cannot give yourself away as a free kill to other humans.
- Blocking tunnels with lasermines / placing lasermines mid-air or on top of each other is not allowed.

General Admin rules:

Admins that have been warned more than 3 times will get their rights removed.
Map change can be voted only in the last 10 minutes unless there is a large amount of players who want the map to be changed (This doesn't mean 2 people spamming for a map change, this means creating a vote and if the vote is >50%, only then a map vote is allowed).
Super Admins may not change the map instantly via map menu, they will have to make a vote if the players are willing for a map change (amx_vote changemap yes no).

It is strictly forbidden to:

Share privileges (VIP/S.VIP/ADMIN) = Privileges removed and / or a Permanent Ban
Abusing your access (slap/slay/kick/ban/gag e.t.c) = Warning / Ban / Privileges removed depending on the severity of the abuse.
Admins can't punish other Admins. If they are breaking the rules of the community, please report them in the forum.
Admins can only punish other Admins if they are clearly hacking / sharing an account / avoiding an active ban.

Ban reasons and times :

Cheating/Hacking = Permanent Ban
Scripting/Aliasing = Permanent Ban
Bugging/Map Bug = 1 hour Ban
Insults/Swearing/Racism = 1 hour Gag / 1 day Gag / 1 hour Ban / 1 day Ban / 1 week Ban / Permanent Ban
Advertising  = Permanent Ban
Inappropriate sprays = 1 hour Ban / 1 week Ban / Permanent Ban

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