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Surf (GunXP+Powers) [Server Updates]

Here you can find server updates:

-Server Creation (Beta)

-Mod installation
*Gun upgrades for normal players (write /ul)
*Gun upgrades for VIP/Admin players (write /ul)
*Prestige menu (write /prs)
*Powers menu (write /powers)
Guns are nerfed for everyone
-Anticheat installation
-Added VIP skin
-Added different tags for each privileges (VIP/S.VIP/ADMIN)
-Added vips online (write /vips)
-Advertisement fixes
-Map choose (rtv, nominations, admin vote maps)
-Added a brand new rankstats system (

-Anticheat improvements
-Added "No Team Flash"
-Added Spawn protection (3 seconds)
-Respawn poblems fixed

-New server IP
-Host change
-New gun upgrade

-GunXP Fixes
-Save Fixes
-Anticheat improvements
-New Guns in upgrade menu (/ul)
-High ping kicker set to 350

-New Maps
-Added Surf Board plugin (Gives you a surf board skin - you need to reach the officer to get one)

-Gun Upgrade Fixes
-Surf Board plugin fixes in different maps

To do:
-Fix Guns issues (guns upgrade & recently used guns)
-Fix respawn problems
-Fix save problems

#Updated the 21/04/2019
Have fun Wink

#Updated the 25/07/2019
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#Updated the 03/11/2019
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#Updated the 10/11/2019
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