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Reporting a player for insulting and harassing

My ingame Nickname: Crash_1
his ingame Nickname: Up (sorry idk how to use the same latters as he used, but you can see his name in the demo anyway)
Offense: he was insulting and harassing me
Server: surf gun XP server
Explanation: this guy always acts like a jerk and is toxic, not only towards to me, but to the others too. i.e. "wow CT sucks, only bots" etc.
demo: 2020.02.15 15:22:35

if I need to upload something else and/or you want to tell me something, then I would prefer to get a ping in your Discord server - that would be way faster for me to react. 

My Discord name is "BabyAmi" 

Have a good day!

Please provide us with his SteamID, you can find his SteamID by typing in console "status" when hes online and copy it. Without SteamID we can't punish him, unless we find him in server itself.

We are unable to punsih any player if we don't have the necessary details. Next time make sure you get the player's steamid.
In order to do that:
  • Open your console (press ~);
  • Type "status" without the "" in the console;
  • A list of players will pop up, find the appropriate nickname and copy their steamid.
To find a more detailed explanation of this procedure, you can find a tutorial in the "faq" channel on our discord server.

- Declined.
-- Thread closed.

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